The CarLina system will make cities and suburbs:

> Clean

Zero emission mobility and transport

> Practical

24/7 mobility and freight, 1mn wait max

> Efficient

Minimal energy, 35 to 60km/h in town even in rush hours

> Practical

Stations to walking distance everywhere




What it is for


Bring back the city and suburbs to inhabitants

Remove the unnecessary nuisances

Better quality and performance of mobility & transports


Traditional urban mobility mess


<> piling up inconsistent and insufficient "solutions" without any systemic thinking: the city treated as market opportunities.

<> enormous costs, public and private


<>the more things go, the less public space is made available for inhabitants to just benefit from living in the city


<> nuisances adding up: cities become hazardous to live in, breath, walk, have a contact with nature, feed locally


<> once streets, bridges, tunnels are built, they become intangible obstacles

Rational urban mobility:


handling all mobility and transport functions with a single, highly efficient, coordinated system.


inexpensive, sustainable, powerful solution

restoring the ground level for use by inhabitants: walking, resting, biking, permaculture


eliminate the nuisances: pollution, noise, all costs, hold on ground, slowdown, health issues, time lost.

flexible modification/adaptation to the urban evolution

In the cleaned up crossroad above:


The capacity in passengers and freight is an order of magnitude higher than previously


All is silent. We planted trees and birds can be heard whenever the sing.


Note that bicycles don't have prioritized, fast lanes. They no longer are in a hurry, and pedestrians are not at risk.



How to use it



Carry anything the automotive does - but the nuisance



Technical services